Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Can't decide which? Saluta? Tationil? Tatiomax?

Most of us are having the same question every time we see a new product on the market out today. Because our market is so diverse many brands are coming out and we cannot decide which one to take. Now, on this article we are going to help you decide which is which!

Let us take a closer look at our glutathione products 

Saluta Glutathione

Tationil Glutathione

Tatiomax Glutathione

All, products above are effective and claims to be the very best in whitening. I know how you feel and I feel the same way. We tend to procrastinate as to which would be the best that can take my brown skin to a more fairer one (we gotta admit that fairer is better right? if not you woud'nt be reading this blog : D ) But did you know that saluta works well with brown complexion or "morenas"? Tationil works well also with "chinitas" or naturally gifted faired skin. Tatiomax works on both skin types!

Saluta glutathione is 600mg per vial as well as Tationil. Tatiomax, on the other hand, is at 1200mg plus 200mg collagen. Now, this is something to take note. Tatiomax packs twice the power than saluta and tationil so your going to need more vials on saluta and tationil to achieve that whitening effect. Tatiomax also packs in 200mg collagen that saluta and tationil don't have. But then how much are they?

Saluta is at 2200 per set which includes vitamin c, sterile water, syringes, and butterfly. Tationil is at 2500 per set (slightly higher than saluta) which also includes the same contents on its set. Tatiomax is now priced at 3500 per set (very high as compared to the other two glutathione products) but wait a while a go I shared that saluta and tationil has a lesser dosage on its vials than tatiomax. Therefore you will need roughly two sets of saluta or tationil to get the tatiomax power. 

(quick note: you need at least 1000mg of glutathione for the whitening side effect to be achieved)

In simpler terms,

For the whitening goal to be achievable saluta glutathione (600mg) and tationil glutathione (600mg) would need two vials each so that whitening can be achievable. Tatiomax only uses one plus you get the beautiful dose of collagen along with it per shot. 

If you are going to compute:

10 shots of saluta glutathione would cost you around Php 4,400 while 10shots of tationil will also cost you Php 5,000. 10 shots of tatiomax will only cost you 3500! Plus it has 200mg collagen.

Although you can save with Saluta and Tationil, Tatiomax can even save you more in the long run!